It’s Time to Take Action and Stop The Closure of Garrapata State Park

Central Coast citizens and/or anyone who loves and is concerned about the future of this park! Time is running out! If you enjoy Garrapata State Park and want to protect it from certain deterioration and vandalism, then get involved. Here are some links that will get you to activists and legislators. Tell them that it’s time to stand up, get their heads out of the sand (or maybe somewhere else) and fund the park system. If, as the Governor says, it’s courageous to move ahead to build a high speed rail system, it is certainly courageous to find a way to keep these parks open. Only we can put the heat on so let’s get going!

Email Governor Jerry Brown: Here’s the link.

Email your State Legislators. Find them here.

Email the Director of Parks and Recreation, Ruth Coleman:

Email The Secretary of The California Natural Resources Agency, John Laird:

Even though this is a state finances issue, enlist the support of your federal representatives. One park, McGrath State Beach, has been kept off the closure list by means of a federal grant.

Find your federal Congress Person here.

Here are our Senator’s Email addresses: Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer

Visit the California State Park Fndation’s Facebook Page for updates on park closures.

When you’re done with your contacts, please let me know. And if you have any ideas about how to stop this travesty please share them! Thank you!


About All Things Photographic by Jim Messer

I photograph the natural world and enjoy sharing what I see with you.
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