About Jim

 My name is Jim Messer and I’m a nature photographer based in the Monterey Bay area.

I love creating and sharing images of nature that stir the soul. I enjoy being in nature, and have since my early days growing up in rural New York State, and continuing to the present in California. Making photographs of the beauty I see in Nature is very spiritual for me and I delight in sharing that beauty. People often tell me that my photographs look like paintings and I can’t express how thrilling it is to hear that feedback. Their appreciation, verbally and through their purchases tells me I’ve been successful in creating and sharing the art found in nature. This whole endeavor has been incredibly fun and fulfilling, and I intend to keep doing this for many more years.

To date my photographs have made their way into calendars, CD covers, promotional videos and a variety of personal and corporate collections including Kaiser Permanente, Old Republic Title Company, The Medical Center of Central Georgia and a host of law and other professional offices. My work has also been seen in such exhibit venues as The Triton Museum, Santa Clara, The Elemental Arts Gallery, Los Gatos California, The Work of Our Hands Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, and The Macon Arts Gallery, Macon Georgia, and The Valley Art Gallery in Salinas, California.

I’m very grateful for having photography in my life, especially at this stage where I can devote my full attention to creating, continually learning, and sharing the results. My fundamental Artist Statement, regardless of a particular project, is this:

“I enjoy recording and sharing arresting images of Nature’s Form, Light, and Color.

By abstracting certain features of a scene,

whether it be a blossom’s delicate petals,

the stunning vastness of a landscape,

or colorful patterns of light on water,

my intent is to provide an opportunity

for both of us

to stop, linger, and deeply experience

a precious moment of beauty

from our natural surroundings.”


2 Responses to About Jim

  1. An Inspirational statement by an inspirational artist….thanks!

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