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Vistas Enroute to Pinnacles National Park

There are two entrances to the Pinnacles NP. The route to the eastern entrance is less taken but in my opinion much more scenic and interesting than the “main” entrance from the west. We never made it to the park. … Continue reading

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From PetaPixel – “Don’t Zoom, Move: Treating Your Zoom Lens as a Series of Primes”

Interesting video that shows the difference between zooming and moving to create a photo.

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Excited to be Included in The Center For Photographic Art’s 2013 Juried Exhibition

One hundred images were selected from over one thousand entries. This exhibition is always fun because there are virtually no limitations as to what can be entered. The result – a range of work from Platinum Palladium to wild digital … Continue reading

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From PetalPix and Nikon Rumours – What To Expect From Nikon in 2013

Looks like 2013 will be a year of continuing evolution for DSLR cameras. Here are the latest whispers on what Nikon has in store for us.

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From PetaPixel – A 1958 Documentary About the Life and Work of Photographer Ansel Adams

A twenty minute movie which shows Ansel’s musical talents as well as his photographic genius and plethora of equipment.

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From PetaPixel – The 7 Levels of Awareness in Becoming a Professional Photographer

It’s informative to be aware of these stages whether or not you’re a professional photographer.

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From The New York Times – Photography Collectives: “Cooperation Replaces a Lone Wolf Approach”

Photographers are increasingly trying new business models to compete in a changing world.

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